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/ˈstelər/ definition,

  • informal, exceptionally good; outstanding

About Us Page

At Stellar, we understand that the injection mold cannot be built or improved without people. That is why we strive for a relationship based work environment that nurtures personal growth and technological innovation, while leading our company into the future. In doing this, we create better products for our customers and a better business for our industry.

Our History

Stellar Mold & Tool was founded in 1978 when five toolmakers with a shared vision, united to bring excellence to the injection molding industry. The production facility located in Galesville, WI has grown into a 20,000 square foot, technologically advanced facility, producing the best in plastic injection molds.

The Stellar Core

Embrace and drive innovation

Actively pursue growth & learning

Build open & honest relationships with our

customers and employees

Always think beyond normal constraints

Be adventurous, creative, and open minded

Try to challenge yourself everyday

Always measure twice & cut once

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