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Injection Mold Services

Stellar offers precision grade injection molds built around your part design. Our molds are specifically engineered to utilize whatever material your part requires. Stellar will design, build, and sample according to your exact specifications.

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Design & Program


From the earliest stages of design, Stellar can offer services for getting your parts built. Whether you have a rough draft sketched by hand or already possess a working prototype, let our design team develop a quote to best suit your production needs.


Once your part is ready to move from the prototype phase to production, we will review the design to ensure optimal moldability and performance. This will ensure that the mold we build will be the best possible tool for your production demands.


Once the part design is agreed upon, we render a custom injection mold model around your part. This work is made to measure with state-of-the-art software operated by designers with the industry experience to ensure seamless operation.

Mold Production


After the design phase is complete our programmers will ensure the most efficient toolpaths to machine your mold out of the designated materials.


Our CNC and EDM departments have generations of experience, ensuring tolerances within the pre-determined thresholds to produce exactly the part that you envisioned.


Our technologically advanced facility utilizes efficient and practical manufacturing techniques to provide a superior tool for the production of your parts.

Finish & Sample


Once all CNC and EDM work is complete your mold is polished to the pre-designated level of finish. Whether your part is a textured consumer design, or requires a high shine typical of medical technologies, our finishing department will burnish and assemble your mold to the finest level expected in our industry.


Once this process is completed we will utilize one of our in house sampling presses to assure a final part in keeping with your imaginative design.



Repair & Revise


Have a mold that has seen better days yet still needs to produce a while longer? Has there been a revision to a design that is currently in production? Or is it simply that the mold isn't working quite as intended? Let the years of experience at Stellar make that injection mold run at the expected level of production.


We can add to a design, repair a crash, or make adjustments so you experience as little down time as possible.

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