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Galesville, WI, April 30, 2020– Stellar Mold & Tool, Inc. has been working to find ways to utilize our manufacturing knowledge and capabilities to help during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This led to the design and production of the QRS device or, ‘Quick Response Shield’ to help keep medical personnel, first responders, and any/all essential workers safe during this crisis.

“Spartek, Inc. (Sparta, WI) one of our long-standing customers, approached us after watching a news story about people using 3D printers to make PPE. Knowing how slow 3D printing is when compared to more traditional methods of production we all felt that it was our obligation to find an alternative that would be more easily scalable to fill this critical gap in the supply chain.” - Jeff Stegemeyer – President, Stellar Mold & Tool, Inc.

As a small company in a rural community we are acutely aware of the dangers this pandemic poses to our neighbors and loved ones. Once the idea was in place, Stellar Mold & Tool leapt in to action by designing the QRS device from simple concept, to full production tooling in just a matter of days.

So far, Stellar Mold & Tool, Inc. along with Spartek, Inc. have donated over 12,000 Quick Response Shields to various local medical institutions, municipalities, and first responders free of charge. The goal for the future will be to continue production of these devices and offer them for purchase as a 100% US made PPE solution. Working with our processing customer, we can expect to produce upwards of 40,000 Quick Response Shields per week, with very little effort required to increase production if demand dictates.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Daniel Vest at (608) 582-4118 or email at dvest@stellarmold.com.

If you would like more information about pricing and how to acquire the QRS device, please contact Spartek, Inc. representative Katie Randall by phone: (608) 269-3154, or email: krandall@spartekinc.com

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